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[P1] Best of Lapland in 6 Action-Packed Days - 5–Night Package

Best of Lapland in 6 Action-Packed Days - 5–Night Package

Spend six days enjoying the best of Lapland. Days full of adventure and nights bathed by the Northern Lights, next to the deserted wilderness and the treeless fells, near the village of Levi. Let the wintry nature of Lapland enchant you while you experience unforgettable adventures and the dazzling beauty of the northern night sky!

You'll be accommodated in Aurora Cabins. The 29 square meter cabins have enough room for spending an evening together under the glass roof which provides a view of the star-filled sky and the Northern Lights. Breakfast, lunch, and dinners are provided in the Northern Lights Village’s cozy restaurant.

During your stay, you have ample time to enjoy all of the most beautiful and impressive experiences and activities available in all of Lapland on our expertly organized expeditions. Warm clothes, a guide and food are included in all activities so that you can fully relax. On all Aurora Expeditions, you are guided by a professional photographer, who will help you take the best possible photos to share with your friends.

This trip provides you with the opportunity to experience all the greatest displays of the wintry nature of Lapland and the most enjoyable activities in a unique, first-class setting. The entire program has been crafted with skill and passion so that you can enjoy the unforgettable experiences with all of your senses, without sacrificing comfort.


DURATION: 5 Nights, 6 Days

AVAILABILITY: 14.11–21.04



[B1] Kittilä Airport → Northern Lights Village

[A5] Aurora Photography Workshop (1h)

[A4] Aurora Expedition on Snowshoes (2h)



[R2] Reindeer Express (1,5h)

[T1] Cross-country Skiing Lesson (2h)

[A1] Aurora Hunting in the Wilderness (3h)



[H2] Husky Safari (10km)

[C1] Searching for Santa (3h)

[A2] Aurora Hunting by Snowmobile (3h)



[S3] Snowmobile and Ice Fishing (4h)

Sauna -Private

[A1] Aurora Hunting in the Wilderness (3h)



[C2] Art Gallery Raekallio Excursion (2h)

[A3] Aurora Hunting by Heated Sleigh (3h)



[B2] Northern Lights Village → Kittilä Airport



- Accommodation in a Glass-roof Aurora Cabin

- Full Board Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

- Thermal Clothing Throughout the Stay

- Complimentary Usage of Cross-country Skis and Snowshoes

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