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Sauna & Jacuzzi

Authentic Finnish Experience

Shared Sauna

Levi, Lapland

Rates: 15€/person

Duration: 1 hour

Inclusions: Access to Sauna, changing room and towels.

Private Sauna

Levi, Lapland


  • €100 ≥ 10 people
  • €150 ≥ 15 people
  • €200 ≥ 20 people

Duration: 1 hour

Inclusions: Access to Sauna & Jacuzzi. Changing room and towels. 

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on 01.10.2021


+358 164 691 200

Muoniontie 1554
99130 Sirkka

Why visit in the Spring?
In Finnish, we call the Lappish Spring ‘Kevättalvi’. There’s a beautiful balance between all the Winter perks, milder temperatures and more hours of daylight. Ideal for those looking to get the most out of the snow!
Why visit in the Summer?
Escape the heatwaves of regions closer to the equator, with temperatures rarely exceeding 20°C. Enjoy the quiet, peaceful and pristine nature of Lapland!
Why visit in the Autumn?
Temperatures are mild, there’s less crowd and nights are very dark which allows for amazing Northern Lights viewings. Plus: Enjoy Aurora Square! You’ll be able to see breathtaking Northern Lights reflections on unfrozen rivers and lakes.
Why visit in the Winter?
Sub-zero temperatures ensure there’s plenty of snow and outdoor fun for the whole family! The sun is only up for a few hours, making the Winter a great time to view Northern Lights. Cold nights tend to have a clear sky, with green, purple and red shades of the Aurora Borealis!